Prepare for Baby with this Hospital Go-Bag Checklist

Baby Sleeping

Ok dad-to-be, your baby is going to be here any day now. Are you freaking out yet? It’s okay if you are. In fact, your significant other is probably freaking out more than you are, even if she isn’t showing it. Having a baby is stressful and the thought of labor can be downright terrifying, especially if this is your first.

If you’ve been going to the prenatal appointments and birthing classes, like a good father, you’ve probably heard that you should pack a hospital bag for your stay. If you haven’t packed yours yet, I would suggest you get on top of it sooner rather than later, it’s not something you want to put off or straight up forget.

In fact, if you’re looking to score some good-dad points with the mother of your children, you could take the initiative and put the bag together so it’s one less thing off her mind as the clock ticks down to baby time.

While you know the specifics of what will make you and her comfortable, here is a list of hospital go-bag essentials you can pack right now.

For Mom:

For Baby:

Some of these things, like newborn diapers, may be available through your hospital, but having some just in case is always helpful.

For You:

Yes, you need things too!

If you need any of these items or are not sure what they are, click on the linked words to see my picks. Also, just in time for Prime Day, many of these items are on sale!

Disclaimer: if you purchase any item after clicking on my site, I may receive a commission.


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