Go The F**k to Sleep: A Must Read for All Parents

At one time or another, every parent has gone through this situation: it’s bedtime and you’re exhausted from a long day of taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. The kids, however, have dipped into their emergency energy reserves and are bouncing off the walls like Peter Parker after he just discovered his spidey powers.

After reading the same story three times, getting multiple glasses of water, and insisting that there are not any monsters under the bed, every parent will eventually reach a breaking point and think to themselves: “Just go the fuck to sleep!”

We’ve all thought it and maybe we’ve felt bad afterward, but truthfully at that moment it’s the only thing we can think about and that’s ok. Author Adam Mansbach recognized the universal exhaustion parents experience during this time and wrote a fantastic parody children’s book appropriately titled “Go the F**k to Sleep!”

The book, starts our simple enough, telling the story of a parents trying to put their child to sleep and eventually turns into a full-blown epic mental breakdown as the kid refuses to put their head down and just “Go the fuck to sleep!”

And if the idea that this book exists doesn’t tickle your funny bone, below are a couple YouTube videos of Hollywood actors Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Garner, and LeVar Burton (yeah, the Reading Rainbow guy!) reading the book. The book makes a great gift for any parent and the videos offer a hysterical insight into the mind of a parent.


Samuel L. Jackson

Jennifer Garner

LeVar Burton


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