REVIEW: Hey A.J., It’s Saturday

Most New England Patriots fans remember Martellus Bennett as a pro-bowl member of the historic 2016-2017 Super Bowl Championship team (yeah, the ones that overcame a 28-3 deficit in the 4th quarter).

What they may not know is that Martellus isn’t just a prolific player on the gridiron, he’s also an artist, author, rapper, and genuine all-around philanthropist when it comes to helping kids.

Many athletes contribute their time off the field to helping develop and encourage kids through sports activities like the NFL’s Play 60 program, Martellus took another approach (and took it to another level at that).

Every time I see his name in the news, whether he’s donating books to local area libraries or the proceeds from his jersey sales to support an after school program, it’s always about helping children reach their fullest potential and aspiring them to embrace their dreams.

Perhaps it was this innate desire to inspire that lead to the creation of his entertainment company, The Imagination Agency. through which he created his debut children’s book Hey A.J., It’s Saturday.

The book comes as either a hard copy or as an interactive digital story on both iOS and Android. I purchased the interactive book for my Kindle Fire to share with my son and it’s absolutely the best $5 I’ve spent for my Amazon tablet (last time I checked, it was free on the App Store).

The app comes with two major features, the story and a game.

The story follows the imaginative story of a young girl named A.J., who I believe is modeled after Martellus’ own daughter, and her epic adventure into the kitchen only to find it overrun by a menagerie of charismatic animals, exercising eggs, battling biscuits, and unicorns, of course.

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On each page, your child will have the option to develop their reading skills by going through the book on their own, or have the story read to them by either A.J.’s character or by Martellus himself.

They will also be given various tasks, like tip-toeing A.J. down the hall past her parents room, interacting with the mischievous animals and personified breakfast foods, or helping clean the kitchen before her parents find out. Each of which, help your child engage more with the story more than they would with a regular book and can even help younger children develop their fine motor skills like pointing to particular objects.

The app also has a number of trophies assigned to it which unlock once your child accomplishes different things such as reading the book on their own or finding hidden stuffed animals throughout the book. It’s a neat concept for a book, I think it adds a level of encouragement to read the book multiple times.

The game which is included with the app is called A.J.’s Bizarre Breakfast and is a timed matching game where your child tries to create breakfast for a never ending line of hungry animals. I’ve played through the game several times and it’s a fairly simple concept, but the psychological intimidation of the timer counting down definitely adds a panic factor that makes it challenging to beat your high score.

I really enjoy the app because not only has Martellus written a fantastic story, but the entire Imagination Agency Team has developed that story into a fun, engaging app that is certain to keep both kids and parents entertained.

If you’re looking for an entertaining family-friendly app that your child can use alone or with you, I definitely recommend checking out Hey A.J., It’s Saturday.  You can also learn more about the Imagination Agency by going to their website,

I also recommend following Martellus and the Imagination Agency on their various social media accounts. They’re always posting about new things they’re producing like the Towel Boy Comic Book, Skydiver McGuire Action Figures, and various other Hey A.J. t-shirts and swag.

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