Netflix Reboots “The Magic School Bus”

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it seems like today’s entertainment industry would rather cast aside original ideas which have the risk of potentially flopping, for a comedic reboot of a beloved television show or movie.

Jumanji, Baywatch, CHIPS, Power Rangers, and 21 Jump Street are just some of the titles which have been brought back-to-life recently in hopes that nostalgic fans will open their wallets to relive some of their favorite stories and rekindle relationships with characters who made an impact on their younger selves.

In this world of reboot overload, there is one show coming back that I’m admittedly excited to experience with my son: The Magic School Bus.

Netflix announced back in 2014 that it was reviving the beloved 90’s educational children’s show that followed a class of school children on their larger-than-life field trips with their eccentric school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her living magic school bus.

The reboot, which will be dubbed The Magic School Bus Rides Again will follow the same formula which made the original show great, but will feature a new version of everybody’s favorite yellow school bus with new tech and scientific tools for the children (and yours!) to learn about science.

Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters) has been tapped as the lead for the reboot, voicing Ms. Frizzle. The rest of the cast has not been publicly announced, but according to Stu Stone, who voiced Ralphie Tennelli in the original series and is the producer on the reboot, some of the actors who played the students in the original series will make a return.

“There are tons of cameos planned. I know that there are big stars who want to be involved in this,” Stone said in an interview with TMZ. “And there’s a whole generation of people who grew up on this series that want to be a part of it now that it’s back.”

The decision to revamp this classic cartoon couldn’t come at a better time, either. Unlike other reboots which appear to simply try and cash in with a popular title, this remake comes at a time when all across the country, a push for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is rapidly rising.

What adventures will be in store for us with the new series? We’ll just have to wait and find out. But one thing’s for sure, I am really excited about going on this adventure with my children and share with them the excitement that comes with learning.

Netflix has ordered 26 half-hour episodes of Magic School Bus and an official release date has been set for Sept. 29th. In the meantime, you can binge watch all four seasons of the original series on Netflix now.


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