We Met the Octonauts!

A while back, I found a show on Netflix to watch with my son which featured the adventures of a helpful band of underwater explorers named the Octonauts. Led by a powerful polar bear named Captain Barnacles, the Octonauts seek to explore, rescue, and protect the sea creatures that inhabit our oceans from pesky predators, man-made pollution, and natural occurring dangers.

When we started watching it, I thought the show provided a fun and educational platform for kids to learn about the various animals of the sea and the importance of keeping our oceans clean. What I didn’t realize was just how popular this show was among children (I mean, there are a LOT of kids shows on Netflix).

That all changed a couple of weekends ago when my family went to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire for their 25th Anniversary celebrations on September 9th.

The event featured a number of exhibits to learn about marine life, a touch-a-truck opportunity, lawn games, face painting, food trucks, and of course a live show and meet-and-greet with Captain Barnacles, leader of the Octonauts, and Kwazii Kitten, everyone’s favorite swash-buckling feline.

Learn more about the Octonauts, their T.V. show, books, and other children’s activities on their website, here.

The live show was a fun interactive adventure for everyone in attendance and featured multiple creature reports which helped the kids solve a mystery aboard the Octopod (the Octonaut’s ship) and concluded with everyone in the audience to earn the title of honorary Octonaut!

What made this event even more amazing was the fact that it was free! It was a great opportunity to learn and get hands on with local marine life (we even saw a giant blue lobster!), talk to marine science professionals from the University of New Hampshire and the Science Center, and explore the insides of a fire truck, front end loader, and police cruiser.

Overall, the experience the Seacoast Science Center provided was top notch and we definitely plan on going to more events here in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about the center and their upcoming events, visit their website at www.seacoastsciencecenter.org.

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