Tamagotchis Are Getting a Digital Upgrade

My Tamagotchi Forever

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you remember all the cool kids running around with little plastic eggs which housed their 8-bit critter children better known as a Tamagotchi.

The concept was simple: you treated the Tamagotchi like it was your dog; you fed it, played with it, and you took it out for a walk and cleaned up its crap – all in the name of keeping it alive!

Much like how the 90’s had come and went, so did the fad that was the Tamagotchi, forever abandoned in a cardboard box in your parents’ basement along side your Pokémon cards and Nintendo 64.

But, just like all great fads, which always have a resurgence 20-or-so years after they go out of style, the Tamagotchi is making its comeback thanks to a new smartphone app called My Tamagotchi Forever

This game, which is scheduled to be released in 2018, will inevitably rekindle the nurturing parental side for many millennials who grew up playing with the original Tamagotchi – who ironically are at the age to become real parents now (hopefully raising our digital pets trained us well enough for the real thing!

It should also spark interest in a whole new generation of Tamagotchi parents, much like how Pokémon-Go gave us the opportunity to live out our childhood dream of becoming the Pokémon trainers vicariously through our children.

If that’s not enough for you, registering for the game on their website will give you the chance to have a Tamagotchi modeled after you and added to the game – forever! I mean, why play the game when you can be the game, right?

To learn more about the game, visit their website at www.mytamagotchiforever.com and let me know in the comments if you plan on playing with your kids!




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