Ranked: The Dads of Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally dropped in to theaters so we thought it would be fun to take a look at all the fathers (and father figures) in the Star Wars cinematic universe and rank them from worst to best.

The Star Wars universe is massive and continues to grow all the time. There’s a lot of people who could fit somewhere on this list, however, to keep things simple, we’ve decided to stick with just the cinematic stories and will not include entries from T.V., video games, or books (including the extended universe).


Do you think we missed someone? Let us know in the comments below or email us at newenglanddads@gmail.com.

9. Rey’s Parents

Rey - Star Wars

Ok, so this one might be a bit nebulous considering we still don’t know who her parents actually are – although there have been several rumors floating around. However, going off of what we do know, Rey’s parents are not exactly what you’d call parents-of-the-year material.

To begin, we know that her parents abandoned young Rey on Jakku with junk boss, Unkar Plutt, forcing her into a fend-for-herself life of scavenging on a lawless desert planet. While Rey continues to hold out hope that her parents will return for her one day, in The Force Awakens, Kyle Ren drops the hint that her parents were nothing more than junkies who sold her to Plutt for drinking money.

While much of the Star Wars fandom continues to hold out for a better, less manipulation-to-turn-to-the-dark-side explanation for who the mystery parents are, right now we can only judge them from what we know – and if the current explanation holds true, we know Rey has some really crappy parents.

8. Saw Gerrera

Saw Gerrera

So, not a parent in his own right, Saw Gerrera did become the guardian and father figure for a young Jyn Erso after her mother was killed and father was captured by the Empire and forced to build the Death Star.

We know that both Jyn’s parents were part of the resistance which later became the rebellion, but putting the life and well-being of their only child in the hands of the radical rebel was a bold choice and one that probably didn’t turn out as well as they had probably hoped.

Yes, Jyn grew up to be a badass rebel in her own right and is responsible for acquiring the Death Star plans – which ultimately leads to the destruction of her father’s massive planet-destroying battle station. However, in Rogue One, we learn that Saw abandoned Jyn at the age of 16, forcing her to fight-for-herself for the remainder of her life.

He may have had good intentions for protecting the daughter of his friend, but the overall execution of his plans show that he doesn’t have very good parenting skills.

7. Jango Fett

Jango Fett

Jango Fett is the father of the Galaxy’s most notorious and feared bounty hunter – and fan favorite – Boba Fett. Ok, so Boba is actually Jango’s clone and not a biological son, but a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, this is apparently an acceptable form of reproduction.

Jango could have been a good father and gotten himself a higher spot on this list. After all, he was obviously well paid from both his bounty hunter exploits and his affiliation with the Clone Trooper project and he had a comfortable set up where his son could grow and learn at the cloning facility on Kamino.

Unfortunately, Jango died before his character arc as a father could be fully established, but we know that he encouraged Boba to take part in the same illicit activities as his father – he was a little too eager watching his father try to destroy Obi-Wan Kenobi’s space ship – and that lead to a slippery downward slope for young Boba into a life of unsavory behavior.

Losing a father is hard for anyone, especially a young child. Brining that young child to a fighting arena on Geonosis and having your head chopped off by a Jedi in front of him is surely going to lead to long-term emotional issues.

6. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker

Ok, so it would be really easy to drop Anakin to lower on the list just for the fact that he’s the primary antagonist throughout the original trilogy, but when you step back to think about him as a father, perhaps he’s not as bad as some of the others.

First, we need to ask ourselves if Anakin even knew he was a father until he met Luke. Sure, he knew Padme was pregnant with his children, but at the end of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bail Organa, and Master Yoda make arrangements to hide his children from him shortly after they were born.

Also, Palpatine tells Anakin that he killed Padme in a fit of rage, is it too farfetched to think that he also killed his unborn children?

If we fast forward to Empire Strikes Back when it’s revealed that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, he spends the rest of the trilogy trying to reunite with his long-lost son and even expresses how he wants to rule the galaxy together as father and son.

We can’t get good-dad points for raising his kids, but you’ve got to give him kudos for trying to reunite what family he has left, even if his idea of doing this involved turning them to the dark side.

5. Bail Organa

Bail Organa

The father figure responsible for raising Princess Leia was always a bit of a mystery until the prequel trilogy was released. Although, even with his introduction, there still wasn’t a whole lot of character development to work with.

From the prequels and his appearance in Rogue One, we learn that Bail is a successful senator to Alderaan and overall good-guy who takes one of Anakin Skywalker’s twin children into his home after his collapse into the dark side. He later becomes a leader in the resistance before succumbing to a presumed death after the destruction of his home planet.

Although we don’t see much of Bail in the movies, we can make assumptions about his parenting skills through the actions of his adopted child, Leia. As we all know, Leia was a beacon of hope and a tremendous leader for the Rebel Alliance as well as a founder of the resistance against the First Order.

Raising a daughter like that it would be easy to put Bail higher on this list, but much like Saw Gerrera, you have to ask yourself, how much exposure to the galactic civil war was a result of Bail’s actions and how much of it would’ve happened regardless?

If Leia were raised by someone else, perhaps she’d be living a cushy princess lifestyle on Alderaan away from the misery and death that seems to follow the movie’s protagonists.

4. Han Solo

Han Solo

Han Solo is everyone’s favorite scoundrel. If you needed something smuggled, Han was your guy. Want to get away from the Empire? Han. Need to make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs? You know who to call. But when it comes to being a good father, you may want to look somewhere else.

Ok, so it’s difficult to fully delve into what Han would be like as a father since the first time we see him in that role his son is grown, turned to the dark side, and willing to kill him in order to appease his mysterious evil boss.

Not looking good, right? No, but from the actions we see Han take in The Force Awakens, we can see that he truly cares about his son and is willing to do anything, including sacrificing himself to try and help him see the light.

There’s nothing more powerful than a father’s love for his child. Maybe this relationship will get flushed out more in the last installment of the new trilogy or a standalone film that happens between episodes six and seven.

3. Owen Lars

Owen Lars

Owen Lars is Luke Skywalker’s uncle and guardian after Obi-Wan Kenobi entrusts him to keep Luke hidden from Darth Vader (a bold move hiding the kid at the home of Anakin’s stepfather on the planet where he grew up).

Although we don’t get to see much of Owen before he meets his fiery tragic demise at the hands of storm troopers in the beginning of A New Hope, we do get to see that he stayed true to his word to Obi-Wan. Although Luke is always whining about going to Tosche Station or leaving the moisture farm to pursue his education (the nerve!), Owen still treats Luke as if he were his own son.

You have to give Owen a lot of credit for raising Luke considering he probably didn’t ask for the responsibility. Obi-Wan probably showed up in the middle of the night like some sort of bearded stork and handed them the bouncing bundle of joy and said “have fun, I’m going to go hang out and do hermit stuff all day.”

Or maybe he just Jedi mind tricked him in to taking on the responsibility …

Regardless, with more information about Owen (such as in a standalone young Luke movie) we could probably move him up or down the list.

2. Galen Erso

Galen Erso

Galen Erso was an instrumental member of the Empire and its construction of the Death Star. The problem? He didn’t want to be. In fact, he sympathized with the rebellion and just wanted to live a simple life of farming with his wife and daughter.

Unfortunately for Galen, the Empire doesn’t care too much about your wants and desires and forced him back in to a life of service.

As a way to protect his daughter from becoming involved with the Empire, Galen and his wife developed a plan to hide her and give custody of her to their friend Saw Gerrera in the event that the Empire found them – which they ultimately did at the beginning of Rogue One.

Unfortunately, we only get glimpses of what Galen was like as a father to his daughter through flashbacks, but from what is presented to us, we know that he was affectionate toward her.

Those tender moments as well as his sacrifice – giving himself to the Empire so Jyn could escape – is what puts Galen so high on this list. However, putting his daughter’s life in the hands of Saw Gerrera is what prevented him from landing the number one spot.


1. Cliegg Lars

Cliegg Lars

If you don’t know who Cliegg Lars is, you’re probably not alone. He had a small role in Attack of the Clones and is the father to Owen Lars, the uncle who raised Luke on Tattooine in A New Hope.

Cliegg is another one of those fathers who, although we don’t see him much or know much about him, we can depict what kind of father he was.

We know that Cliegg is a good person – a hard-working man with neither allegiance to the light side or dark side of the force – he’s just a man looking to do what needs to be done to put food and blue milk on the table for his family.

We also know he’s the father of Owen, who was a stern but mentoring father figure to Luke Skywalker and tt’s probably safe to presume that Owen got those skills handed down from his father. 

Cliegg was also responsible for releasing Anakin Skywalker’s mother from enslavement. He married her and gave her a home where they lived a simple life of moisture farming. Just imagine how different the galaxy would’ve been if he was able to give that life to Anakin.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comment section below!


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