Deployed Dad: Back to the Land of Reliable Internet

Deployed Dad

It’s August first, which means we’ve almost reached the six month mark of this deployment. We’re more than halfway through (more on that later) and I feel like I haven’t been able to give this blog – or the website – the dedication I was hoping to when I first started it.

To be fair, for the past nearly six months, I’ve been living in some pretty austere environments. Sleeping on the ground, having just enough water to drink and not enough to shower, shave, or use toilets, and rationing food has been my life during this little adventure I’m on. With shortages in beds, food, and water, having reliable internet wasn’t exactly high on the Army’s priority.

To see what I’ve been up to, check out my photography portfolio by clicking here.

Don’t get me wrong, we had decent enough internet to make phone calls home, but one time I tried to download a movie on my Amazon Kindle and it took me four days. Writing blogs simply wasn’t in the cards while I was out there. I actually tried a few times, but the WiFi basically laughed at me, so I quickly gave up on the idea.

However, this didn’t stop me from writing. In fact, while I was forward deployed, I finished writing the first draft of my debut fiction novel which I’m hoping to publish as soon as I get home. If you’re interested in following my creative writing journey, Follow me on Facebook.

Now that I’ve been redeployed to an area where the internet is more reliable, I’m going to be spending more time giving this blog the attention it deserves. A lot has happened over the past several months and I’m eager to share these stories with you in hopes that it gives you just a little glimpse of what it’s like for a military parents deployed overseas.

Stay tuned, I’m just getting started!

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