Cell phones, tablets, blazing fast internet … technology rules the world, better to make fun of it now than when Skynet takes over, right?

Selling this joke is a hard drive

What do you call a singing computer?
A Dell.

This joke is lights out!

I should have been sad when my flashlight batteries dies, but I was delighted.

This tech is buzzing

What do you call a bee that lives in America?

How thoughtful!

I gave all my dead batteries away today … free of charge!

If you have a clue, please PowerPoint me in the right direction

To the person who stole my Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my word!

Just like the opening scene of Microsoft Office Space

Why was a computer late for work?
He had a slow, hard drive.

The waist-time continuum

I once tied all my watches into a belt, but then I realized it was a waist of time.

This one’s good, but I just have OneNote

Boss: How are you at PowerPoint?
Me: I Excel at it.
Boss: Was that a Microsoft Office pun?
Me: Word.

It would suck if it didn’t suck

You want to know what sucks?


What’s it called when a cow invents a machine that uses no energy?
A perpetual moo-tion machine


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